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“We thank you for a most wonderful training session that exceeded even our high expectations. You inspired us with your genuine care for the development of each of your students, your desire to nurture in them a high level of confidence in mathematical problem solving, your conviction that all students can succeed as mathematicians, and your gentle consideration of them as young people worthy of empathy and understanding. These are characteristics of teaching as a noble profession to which we also want to aspire.”
- Live Oak Academy teachers, San Jose

“I just want to thank you for doing such a great workshop with our teachers. Many teachers are excited to try and get our feet wet with Singapore Math curriculum this year. As the school year progresses, we'll see where the teachers are and what they'll need next. I'm hopeful that we could invite you back for another round of math excitement!”
- Miraloma School teacher, San Francisco

“This year the students took the district quarterly assessment in Spanish. The average score was 80% correct out of 30 questions and 75% scored proficient or advanced on the constructed response (a multi-step word problem).”
- Los Angeles Unified School District 2nd grade teacher

"Kathleen was able to present the theoretical basis of the Singapore Math® program in clear, concise language and provided opportunities for practical, problem solving experiences."
- Jewish Day School teacher, Palo Alto

“I attended the Day 2 problem solving workshop this past Tuesday and thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, as I returned to school, my lesson on Wednesday was WONDERFUL!!! NO Pencils!!!! One child that I have been having difficulty with, shouted 'I GET IT!!!' and boy did I love it!”
- Waiakea School teacher, Hilo, HI

“It was nice to be in a room of people who were questioning math being more than just memorizing algorithms. I learned a lot about the flexibility of the lesson structure, the activity examples, and most importantly, I renewed my passion to keep on pushing for change in how we teach math. This workshop gave me new energy to keep working to try to change my setting for my students.”
- Kamehameha Schools teacher, Honolulu

“Thank God for my peace of mind with SM due to its simplicity, in-depth focus and clarity. With a partial implementation of SM, last year 36% my students scored proficient or advanced on the CST's in math. 42% scored at basic level. This compared with 22% who scored below basic and 0% that scored far below basic a year ago. This doesn't sound impressive, but keep in mind that I was teaching them math in Spanish and the test is in English. Therefore, my 7 year olds had to mentally translate while answering the questions. Again, thanks to your training and SM, this old dog (29 year veteran) has learned new tricks and keeps wanting to learn more. Please let me know when you are coming to my neck of the woods, so I can take a refresher course.”
- Los Angeles Unified School District teacher

“Thank you both for a great workshop. I enjoyed it very much. It gave me the confidence to teach SM this semester to my boys.”
- Homeschool parent, CA

“Thanks so much for the great workshop near LAX a week or so ago. I found it very informative, and enjoyed your presentation style. You could almost be a comedy duo!”
- Echo Horizon School teacher, Los Angeles

“Your students are so, so lucky to have you for math teachers. I never had great math teachers and this would have changed my life. Now it will change my life as a teacher and the lives of my students.”
- Culver City Schools teacher, CA

“After your workshop, this morning was the first day in months that I looked forward to coming to work and I did so with new energy and new patience. Thank you so much for your passion and knowledge and leadership. I really think you folks are the best math PD I've ever attended.”
- Kamehameha Schools teacher, Honolulu

"I like the math models because it helps me identify what’s what."
- Keys School 6th grader, Palo Alto

"I like Singapore Math® because it is more easy to understand."
- Keys School 4th grader, Palo Alto

"At first, drawing models for word problems was a little hard, but then I got used to it, and it became a breeze."
- Keys School 6th grader, Palo Alto

"I like challenge problems because it helps new parts of your brain work."
- Keys School 5th grader, Palo Alto

"I like word problems because at first it doesn’t make sense and then it does."
- Keys School 5th grader, Palo Alto

"I have tried to do a problem without a model and it took me twenty extra minutes than when I use a model."
- Keys School 5th grader, Palo Alto

"With Singapore Math®, I understand not only the answer but also the process. My teacher always says to estimate first, then, if you make a small mistake multiplying but have estimated, then you can fix it. She says that is what counts."
- Keys School 5th grader, Palo Alto

“Highly motivating workshop! I hope my school will move forward on adopting this program.”
- Los Angeles Unified School District teacher

student solving math problem using number cards

"I like challenge problems because it helps new parts of your brain work."
- Keys School 5th grader, Palo Alto

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