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  Singapore Math student using number cards  

math services and resources

  • Singapore Math® curriculum adoption and implementation consulting services

  • Singapore Math® teacher training workshops

  • Advanced Singapore Math® training on-site (for schools already using the curriculum)

  • Co-teaching sessions and long-term mentoring

  • School District/Board Outreach

  • Parent Outreach

  • Modelling and word problem boot camp *

  • Mental math boot camp *

  • Supplementary teacher and student auxillary material
    Math teaching guide - The First Six Weeks
  • Follow a Singapore-based 5th grade class through a whole year: 
    Visit our blog


* For new incoming students

Singapore Math student constructing 3D object with sticks and clay

"I like the math models because it helps me identify what’s what."
- Keys School 6th grader, Palo Alto

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