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students constructing a bridge with balsa wood sticks


about us

The Singapore Math® curriculum is concept-based, with a progression from visual to pictorial to abstract that ends with mastery. It is not “New Math” – it is math the way it should be taught; math the way mathematicians understand it, math the way high school teachers would teach it if they taught young children. It is conceptual, not algorithmic; visual not rote, and it is fun. It is fun to teach and fun to learn, since it is based on understanding, not memorization.

While American math instruction often relies on memorization and drill, Singapore math focuses on mastery of a limited number of concepts each school year. Students are given the “Gift of Time” – time to investigate, to build meaning, to solve problems, and experience the beauty of true mathematical understanding. Because it is logical, conceptual, and problem-based, it works as well with remedial students as with gifted students.

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what is unique about the pi project

Corrinne and Kathleen are the only Singapore Math® training team that has two trainers who have taught Singapore Math® in the both American and Singapore classrooms for many years, at all grade levels from Kg – 8th grades. Since one trainer is Singaporean and one is American, they have developed a bi-cultural view of teaching methodologies that is uniquely suited to the US classroom


Corrinne Khoo-Lieu is an experienced Math teacher from Singapore. She moved to the Bay Area in 2001 and used the Singapore Math® curriculum to teach homeschoolers and students struggling with math. The results were quickly apparent with students (and parents) reporting improved understanding and enjoyment in doing math. In 2005, Corrinne was appointed as an external consultant and teacher trainer to Keys School in Palo Alto when they made the decision to adopt Singapore Math®. She worked with teachers and students at Keys to ensure a seamless transition to the Singapore Math® program. Corrinne now works at SeaCrest School in Half Moon Bay. She serves as a middle school math teacher and a mentor for teachers who are new to the Singapore Math® curriculum.

Kathleen Jalalpour, a veteran and award-winning Math teacher with 30 years of experience, was instrumental in spear-heading the adoption of Singapore Math® at Keys School in Palo Alto, California in 2004. The program was and continues to be a resounding success. She has taught Singapore Math® at all grade levels, Kg – 8th gradesat Keys School, and has made numerous presentations to teachers on the merits of the program. She is also the author of The First Six Weeks, a guide to introducing Singapore Math® to 5th and 6th graders who have never been exposed to it.

Kathleen and Corrinne believe Singapore Math® can transform the landscape of how math is taught and learned here in the USA. Both Kathleen and Corrinne frequently present at national and regional conferences for math educators on improving the quality of math education in the US.

national recognition

Kathleen Jalalpour is one of 10 teachers from around the country honored in 2018 by the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) for excellence in teaching students with advanced academic abilities. Nominations for the Sarah D. Barder fellowships come from their students. Nominated teachers are invited to submit an essay describing their teaching philosophy, and a panel of Johns Hopkins educators then selects educators from this group for recognition as Sarah D. Barder Fellows.

2018 Sarah D. Barder Fellows, Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth




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"I have tried to do a problem without a model and it took me twenty extra minutes
than when I use a model."

- Keys School 5th grader, Palo Alto

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